Our Studs

Our studs have there own accomodations in en outside. They have also a catswheel and several toys and scratching posts

All our studs are tested for: PK-def, HCM, PKD, PK-def, PRA-b. 
They also are regularly tested for giardia, coccidiosis, tritrichomonas, worms and parasites and HCM by doppler.
Our studs are not available for outstud matings!


  Our upcoming stud


Patch of Wild Spirit des Griffes de Feu; Patch is our up-coming stud. D.o.b. 17-04-2019. His parents are Orientale des Griffes de Feu  and Justwild Teddy Bear. His mom is a beautifull marbled and his dad a seal lynx; very glad with a boy who carries both  

We have Patch in co-ownership with Cissy from Spotselot 

Many Thanks to Nathalie Chiesa for entrusting us with this amazing wild looking male. 


Pedigree / Gallery


PKD/HCM; to follow
PK-def N/N, PRA-b N/N 

























Our Proven Stud



RW Heimdall Dellingr of Felis Ludens is born on 03-06-2014 in Brazil and is a silver seal lynx spotted bengal.
He visit shows and is Regional Winner (South America Region)

April 2016; we get the opportunity to import this great stud. Adriana from Cattery Felis Ludens had to stop for a while and asked me if we want to get this muscular stud. Dellingr comes from her friend Nilvo Nogueira, owner of Heimdall Cattery in Brazil.
Dell is an awesome boy with a very sturdy body, a beautiful profile and overal head shape. He is very muscular and also a relaxt stud. He like it to live close to our other cats.  
We have Dellingr in co-ownership with Cissy from Spotselot  and he lives at her home since Januar 2020.

We thanks Adriana for entrusted us this great bengal! 


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PKD/CIN negative, pk-def N/N, PRA-b N/N

HCM normal (2018; 3th screening)