We are Wilco & Erika and have a cattery in the Netherlands.
It all began with a german shepherd and a parakeet and I also had Friesian and Arabic horses with my parents.
In 1999 we got the opportunity to buy my parent's house; more space, semi-detached which gave uw the opportunity to expand our hobbies

After a car accident, I unfortunately had to stop with the horses and I went looking for another hobby.
After a long search we bought our first bengal; A very active cat with an intelligent character and a new challenge.
My husband and I share the love for our bengals and all animals for that matter. But I ( Erika ) am the breeder and do al the research for any information about characters, illnesses and everything else is what is involved in breeding bengals. Wilco is the one who realizes all the practical things like the pens and inclosures for the kittens and our adults.

The name of our cattery; Arindi means eagle and this stands for strength, potency, enlightenment, freedom and eye for detail.
The eagle means a lot to me and also this song (click on the picture below)

ABBA - Eagle ABBA - Eagle

We have a lot of space , indoors as well as outdoors and we have several studs and queens in our breedingprgramme.
All our kittens are raised underfoot, so they will be well socialized, outgoing and affectionated kittens
when they go to their foreverhome.
They also are regularly dewormed, tested and if needed treated for parasites and leave fully vaccinated.
All our breedingstock is tested for FeLV/FIV, PK-def, PRA-b, CIN and HCM(yearly), PKD screenend. 


Unfortunately it is not standard that breeders regularly test there cats for several things, we learned that the hard way. Because of that all our cats are also tested for: chlamydia, mycoplasma, calici and herpes feline.
They are regularly tested for giardia, coccidiosis, TTF, worms and parasites. 

This breed seems to have inherited a huge self-confidence; they are not fast defensive, easily intimidated or aggressive. Unfortunately wild stories about the Bengal still going around, but in each breed are friendly and less friendly ones. Often this behavior is related to the way they grow up, particularly in the period of socialization. Bengals are very oriented towards people, intent to learn a lot, lift there fore on your shoulder, walk anywhere you walk and are real lap cats and very inquisitive


My advice is always: Have a look at several catteries. Look at earlier litters which are already sold and ask if you can be placed on the waitinglist for the next litter. Do not buy in an impulse... Look around at forums like on facebook.

Many diseases and problems are relativily new in the breed I also didn't know from several until a few years ago. There are still too many backyard breeders who sell sick kittens or kittens from very high risk lines regarding to HCM. There are breeders out there who will sell any kitten with breeding rights for the sake of there wallet and not for the sake of the breed.
A beautiful Bengal is not by definition a healthy Bengal.

My goal is to breed kittens who are very socialized lap cats but most important is that they are healthy.


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